Yoseikan sign outside the dojo
Tetsuka, Mochizuki and Washizu in 1992
Tetsuka - Mochizuki - Washizu (1992)

The Dojo

Yoseikan Dojo at 846 Mukoshikiji, Shizuoka, Japan

In 1931, Minoru Mochizuki, while studying as an uchideshi at the Kodokan in Tokyo, fell ill with a pulmonary infection.



His family quickly brought him home to Shizuoka City to recover. In the meantime, his brother and friends built a dojo for him in the city. When came time to choose a name for the dojo, a friend of the family (a philosophy teacher) suggested Yoseikan (the place to cultivate truth / righteousness). Since the name also reflected his teacher's philosophy of "Mutual welfare and prosperity" (Jigoro Kano), Mochizuki adopted the name. The official opening of the Yoseikan was held on November 1931 and attended by several dignitaries from Tokyo including Morihei Ueshiba, Admiral Isamu Takeshita, and General Makoto Miura. Unfortunately, the building was destroyed by fire during the Second World War. It was eventually rebuilt and still stands today at 846 Mukoshikiji. The building is currently the home of the International Budo Seifukai Federation.
Master Minoru Mochizuki

Minoru Mochizuki
10th dan IMAF
(April 7, 1907 - May 30, 2003)

Calligraphy by Minoru Mochizuk

Calligraphy by Minoru Mochizuki


North American Tour - 1989

Master Minoru Mochizuki's North American Tour began at our dojo on Lancaster Road in Ottawa, Canada. Before returning to Japan, Sensei left us with some calligraphy (left), the explanation of his quest:

"Evolution: Bujutsu into Budo via scientific explanation of techniques"

and a challenge:

"I give you the raw material. It is up to you to refine it".

The seed for the Spirit of Inquiry was planted.

Although many may be daunted by the task and feel more comfortable preserving his techniques for posterity, one group was determined to take up Sensei's challenge to study his "raw material" with a scientific approach and go beyond preservation to evolution.

Tankyushin, the Spirit of Inquiry, finally emerged.

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